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Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Auburn University

Welcome to E.M.U.E.S. – the lab at Auburn University focused on Post-Secondary Mathematics Education! We are a research & development group in the Department of Mathematics & Statistics at Auburn University working to understand and improve our undergraduate education systems. We approach this task both directly in the classroom – for example, by cataloguing undergraduate experience(s) across a variety of teaching modalities – and more indirectly – for example, by building professional development for first-time mathematics instructors.

Our members participate in a variety of ways and at various stages of our projects:

  • Vision: Planners with big ideas, who apply for grants & other support.
  • Practice: Builders & doers who bring plans to life, filling in the details.
  • Research: Evaluators who build instruments & measure outcomes.

Pursuing equity, that is striving to understand the needs of the communities we serve where they are and allocating resources and opportunities as needed to best support them, is integrated into each step of our work.